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Automatic Wine Liquid Packing Machine

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Applicable scope

The machine can pack honey, oral liquid, olive oil, ice pop, water, oil, fruit juice, milk, shampoo and any other liquid

Technical Parameter




4-side sealing bag packing machine

Machine speed

20-50bags/minute(it depends on weight to pack)

Bag size

(L)50-250 mm            (W) 25-100mm

Maximum film width


Film Material

Laminated film, laminated paper film, Pure Aluminum film

Bag type

4-side sealing bag


AC380V/50HZ ; AC220V/50HZ ; AC110V/60HZ

Total Power


Measuring range




Control system

Taiwan Delta PLC control system

Weighting mold

Plunger Pump

Machine material

Stainless Steel 304(SS304)

Air source



Full  touching screen(every step can be set by touching screen)

Machine size



Be able to weight, fill, make the bag, print manufacture date and expiry date and batch number, seal, cut off automatically


-a) Quality condition to be responsible and period

   Warranty time: one year((Attention: Machine's warranty range don't include damageable spare parts like blade, heating tube & thermocouple; temperature controller and photocell .For other parts,  providing new free parts for clients a in warranty period, but except of that the machine is damaged by people . If the machine was broken due to wrongly operating by users, we also provide service for repairing in warranty period. But the buyers need to supply plane ticket and food and accommodation for the technical staff economically and service fee  as USD100.00/day. We also can provide the new parts as users' requests.


-b)Extra free spare parts for each machine to buyer as gifts:


heating tube — 2 pieces; thermocouple — 1 pieces; protector tube — 2pieces solid-state relay — 1 pieces; tools and box-1 sets


-c)installation & direction:

   If the clients need our technical staff to install and test(adjust) machine to his company when all the machine equipments are gotten。 My factory can do it。 the clients  need to pay for some expenses(plane ticket, accommodation fee as the clients' standard at the local) and also supply service fee for installing staff when they work in buyers’ company as USD100。00/day

Bag Type: stick
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